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Keeping as fit and healthy as possible to help prevent future mobility issues is very important for all people, especially those with disabilities. The benefits you receive from regular exercise can be both physical and psychological, including increased strength and stamina with a more manageable body shape and improvement of social skills to develop friendships and social contacts.

Disability Recreation and Sports SA is a not-for-profit Association that strives to support people with a disability to lead active, healthy and connected lives through participation in recreation, fitness and sport, whether it’s an organised sport or recreational fishing for example.

DRSSA actively partners with other Not For Profit’s, government agencies and the wider community to ensure people with a disability can access the widest possible range of services and activities regardless of age, location, cultural background, or type of disability.

So if you are looking to improve yourself to be the best you can be, contact DRSSA to take advantage of current free membership.


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