Graham Kerr
Phone: 8265 3703
PO Box 493
Ingle Farm SA 5098

Fishing for the Disabled Australia Inc. (FDA) is a not for profit association, staffed solely by volunteers, dedicated to assisting people with a disability to enjoy fishing.

Our association was officially founded in 1996 in Adelaide, South Australia by members of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and was known as IOOF Trust in Angling Australia Inc. The name was changed in May 2009 to more closely describe our purpose.

FDA provides people with a disability with the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and explore the recreational and sporting activity of fishing. The aim of membership in the association is to participate in organised activities such as fishing days out, workshops and eventually compete in the sport of fishing.

Volunteers facilitate the process by directly assisting people with a disability to participate in fishing activities, however they do not take on the role of “carer” as people with special needs are required to have their own carer present.


FDA enables groups from charity and welfare organisations to experience the joys of fishing activities. These activities provide the opportunity and encouragement for these special people to learn new physical and social skills while thoroughly enjoying the experience.

The fishing experiences include shore based fishing at various safe locations in Adelaide such as Mawson Lakes and West Lakes. We are constantly on the lookout for additional suitable locations which must have safe walking access for disabled people, a secure safe water’s edge surface suitable for chairs and toilet facilities in close proximity. In addition to shore based fishing, on water experiences are available using our wheelchair friendly 25 foot Sweetwater pontoon boat.

Special fittings enable wheelchairs to easily and safely board and be accommodated on the vessel. Excursions in the protected waters of the Port River and around the Garden Island area are mainly used, however other suitable waters are also being sought. These excursions show the participants the features of the river, including the dolphins, and landmarks along the shore.

All activities are provided for members without charge.

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