We recognise that people living with disability require support with everyday tasks to maintain independence and quality of life, and access their local community.

I need help with my morning routine

Getting ready in the morning can be difficult and time consuming for a person with disability. At times, it can be equally challenging for carers. Having NASC support to lend a hand with showering/bathing, shaving, hair care, medication administration or assistance, general grooming and any physiotherapy/occupational therapy exercises, can make the morning routine just that little bit easier.

I need help with showering and sponge bathing

We can help with transferring to and from the shower, supervision/assistance with showering, sponge bathing, personal care requirements (continence needs, dressings, etc.) changing bedding and grooming.

I need help with toileting

Assistance is available with transferring to and from the commode/toilet, continence care, suppositories and bowel care.

I need help with eating

Staff are able to assist with preparation of food, cooking or assistance with cooking, special dietary requirements, assistance with eating and drinking, along with nutrition and medication via gastrostomy (PEG Feed).

I need help with bedtime

Help is available for medication administration or assistance, bedtime preparation such as sponge/face washing, oral care, continence needs/toileting, changing into bedtime clothing, transferring into bed and securing the home if required.

I need help with mobility

Fully certified staff can safely assist with slide boards, slide sheets, hoists, slings, transfers and any other positioning needs to make you as comfortable as possible.

I’m exhausted; I need a break

There are times when respite is needed for carers; times when refreshment, uninterrupted sleep or a general break will do the carer/s a world of good and enable you to return to caring with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

I need help with respite

Whether you need respite occasionally, one morning a week or longer, NASC staff can step in to help you. Please contact us for a free consultation and/or home assessment at a time that suits you. Just a phone call away, we can meet with you to discuss your needs and requirements.

I need help with information

Where do I get started, where do I go for help, who do I contact and how does the process work? We can help to point you in the right direction, provide information and get you started. Give us a call or simply fill in the form for a personalised consultation.

I need help with the funding process

The disability funding process may seem somewhat daunting. Give us a call or fill in the form and our knowledgeable staff can assist you with funding options.

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