Statewide Local Call: 1300 663243
Phone: 8261 2922
Fax: 8369 1051

TADSA is a state-wide not-for-profit, voluntary organisation which aims to help people with disabilities overcome problems by creating, modifying or repairing devices where there is no other solution readily available. TADSA has been helping people with disabilities and the aged in South Australia for over 30 years.

TADSA consists of a group of approximately 50 volunteers with a wide range of technical skills and three part-time paid staff.

TADSA has one major objective to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. To achieve this objective, TADSA uses the skills and energy of its technical volunteers to construct many types of custom designed equipment for clients.

TADSA can also offer specialised technical advice and information to people with disabilities and those who care for them. In short, TADSA exists to apply innovative technology so that the lives of people with disabilities may be significantly improved.
TADSA works with many other disability related service providers and support organisations.

Anybody with a need can contact TADSA directly; no referral is necessary to access this unique service.

TADSA operates from an office situated at the Royal Society for the Blind, Blacks Road, Gilles Plains, South Australia.

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